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How to find a Research Topic (Pt 1 of 2)

Many of us find choosing a research topic to be a huge challenge! It doesn't help matters when we're told, "it can be on anything you want, as long as it connects with ....."

So we stare at a blank page hoping for inspiration! In this short two-part tutorial, I'll share with you some simple methods for finding a research topic, even when you may not know where you want to start!

However, finding a research topic is only half the challenge. The other half of the process is how to gather quality, and qualified materials to support your research. So this tutorial also includes some common and free tools you can use to help collect data and start you on the path to writing up your research!

You might also be interested in seeing how to quickly create a simple PowerPoint presentation to share your research with the world! Check out my free video tutorial PowerPoint Presentation, Quick Fast, and in a Hurry!

I hope you find this brief tutorial helpful, and if so - please leave comment and share it with your network!
Dr. Matthews

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