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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups - review

Beginning with pre-instruction preparation and progressing through actual online teaching, 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups will help you feel more comfortable and competent heading into an online course, whether you're a new instructor or an experienced professor. The authors dispel popular myths in online education and anticipate the potential problems you might face teaching in the online medium. They also advise you on how to set up and implement your online course, and make the course discussions as interactive as those you have in the traditional face-to-face classroom setting.

If you're involved in web-based education — or if you're about to be — 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups Essentials of Web ­Based Education by: Donald E. Hanna, Michelle Glowacki ­Dudka & Simone Conceigao­ Runlee will become one of your most valued resources in your professional library.

For an overview of the tips, click on the image or use the link below to access a free PDF.

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