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EduCanon - A new way to leverage an old tool!

How can you build an interactive lesson from a YouTube video, for free? Check out EduCanon!

Click here to get answers to some of the top questions regarding eduCanon including who they are and how it works! Although they've been around for awhile, I just stumbled across them while searching for another way to communicate with my students using video. This platform offers a lot of value added utility, although right now it is somewhat limited to YouTube. That's actually not a bad thing since YouTube is such a simple tool to use.

As an instructor you can also record your lectures, portions of class discussions, and pose questions in a variety of ways for students to interact with. There are a lot of expensive and inexpensive alternatives, but this is one of the first ones that I've come across that was actually free and follows a reasonable learning pedagogy. Perhaps this is the tool you've been waiting for to 'flip your class' or simply enhance your instruction. I plan to "kick the tires" on it myself before I dive in head first!

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