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Back to the Basics - Times Tables

One of the most valuable tools a child can receive during their education is the ability to quickly and accurately compute less complex math problems in their head. Consider on average how many times you as an adult do calculations during the day. By providing a child with this simple (free) tool, you will succeed in advancing their skills at calculation immensely, in just 10 minutes a day!

This is not some empty claim to make your child a savant, or create an instant genius, but it will improve their memory, accuracy, and as a result, their self confidence. Simply watch the free video below, and send away for the downloadable Times Table Worksheet and try it for yourself.

Ask yourself is ten minutes of your day too much to expend on a child? This proven method can change a child's learning trajectory? Watch the video, then you can decide how much a child's education is worth.

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