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Sunday, Jun. 16, 2013 Next update in about 11 hours

22 Effective Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom

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Leigh Hudson Keller - Using Twitter in the classroom is a no-brainer. It’s a powerful and free tool that already has wide adoption among educators, students, administrators, and parents. So how do you effectively use Tw...

How To Get Your Lessons To 'Go Viral' With Students

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Amy Smith - While on a flight I passed the time by watching some TED talks. Teachers always seem to fill time with something education related. There was one in particular by Kevin Allocca, Why Videos Go Viral... - 'Elaborately designed program elements do not always improve an offering. To boost impact, make leadership development programs high on substance but low on complexity. The world is growing more co...
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Moodlers Online - By rapidelearningtemplates 16 hours ago on e-Learning from You must login to vote this story. Don't have an account yet? Join now, it's simple & free! You must login to ...

Free eLearning Consultation

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LandMark eLearning - We would love to meet with your team to take a look under the hood of your online training program. Or if you're just getting started in e-learning we'd love to talk to you as well and give your pr...

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